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Source data of indices

We will provide the aggregated source data that we used to calculate the indices. It is also possible to compare that data with selected municipalities in the Czech Republic.

Tailor-made data

Do you prepare strategy or other conceptual documents and need source data? We will gather relevant data from the internet and other sources. We can handle minor as well as demanding requests.

Consulting services for usage of data

We will help you develop a strategy for practical usage of current data. We can advise you of targeted measuring (such as IoT) for effective decision making and citizen engagement.

Thematic seminars and workshops

We will organize a seminar or workshop on the topic of your choice. Try an interactive way to find solutions based on data.

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Recommendations from representatives of municipalities

We strive to ensure that our town provides the best living conditions for its citizens. To do this, we must constantly strive for sustainable development and anticipate the further development of our society and its surroundings. In today's fast-paced world, it is crucial to work with data that can help to fundamentally define future directions for city development. The project “Obce v datech” perfectly fits into our vision, and its indices help to define new strategies for the town. I especially appreciate the comparison with other cities based on valid data that monitor quality of life. It is an instrument that enables us to accelerate and streamline strategic planning. I firmly believe that our town’s position in the rankings will continue to improve.

Bc. Michal Boudný, mayor, Slavkov u Brna

Recommendations from representatives of municipalities

Involvement in the “Obce v datech” project has confirmed the direction of the town of Boskovice’s development. We are glad that Boskovice is among the cities with a good quality of life within the objective comparison of municipalities. We especially appreciate the outcome in the “Health and Environment” category. Thanks to new development projects, such as the construction of a unique Polytechnic Education Center, we believe that the town of Boskovice will continue to be an attractive place for a happy life for all generations. Citizens of the town will find, in addition to high quality educational resources, also a sufficient amount of job opportunities.

Bc. Hana Nedomová, mayor, Boskovice

Certified consulting partners

It is important for us that the data we create helps to improve decision making at all levels. We support their usage in expert analyses, background materials or debates. For this reason, we have a system of qualification criteria for professional consulting partners.

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