About the project

Our vision is to provide a complex data solution that serves the strategic management and decision making of municipalities.

Which municipality in the Czech Republic has the best quality of life? Could better working and educational opportunities lead to worse availability of housing or bad air quality? Are there localities where troubles are concentrated?

People usually make a decision about where to live a few times during their lifetime. They want to have a healthy life with a good standard of living in a cultural and safe environment that is professionally managed. People ideally want to live where these values are prioritized or they require improvement from existing government. We want to contribute to better decision making about where to live. We would like to provide information to improve communication with the representatives of each municipality and allow people to participate more within the development of their municipality.

We believe that data analyses and detailed comparisons of municipalities could lead to setting better strategic priorities in the municipality. We want to contribute to associations of municipalities which could help to solve problems more effectively, to inspire each other and to cooperate. In general, we would like to change adverse trends in some municipalities as well as larger regions. Nothing is given.

About us

The Obce v datech, s.r.o. company was founded as a startup with the purpose of realizing a specific product – a life-quality index – and related derivatives using automated processing of big data.

The members of our team are experts with extensive experience in public-sector consulting, consultants with experience from the top consulting companies and young enthusiastic analysts from the fields of economy, statistics and demographics.

Data is the foundation. We will help you build on it. Apart from the Life-Quality Index, we offer consulting services ranging from tailored data and analysis to comprehensive Smart City strategies.

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About the data

We compared the quality of life in 205 municipalities with extended jurisdiction and Prague. The data for comparison are obtained by an automated, robotic extraction of Big Data in cooperation with public institutions and other entities (e.g. Czech Statistical Office, Learning Outcomes Centre, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic, Czech Labor Office, Union of Film Distributors, Price Map and others).

Index calculations are based on OECD and UN approaches to benchmarking quality of life and other mathematical and statistical tools. The values of the indices range from 0 to 10, where the municipality with the worst results is given the value of 0 and the one with the best result is given the value of 10. Other municipalities are distributed between 0 and 10 relative to the best and the worst municipality. We do not respectively interpret the quality of individual objects as subjectively sufficient or insufficient. Instead, our focus is on their relative number or availability compared to the municipality with the best number or availability. For example, residents of small towns near Prague may have low availability of pharmacies according to our index, but in their opinion this is sufficient as they commute to Prague where the number of pharmacies is high. Our results must therefore be seen in a wider context.

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Partners of project

Financial support for the project is provided by the EU.

Information about the project in PDF (available in Czech only)

Data is the foundation.

We will help you build on it. What can we do for your municipality?

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We have published data year 2023. Have a look at municipalities and their results.